Search for Investor wise BOI Unclaimed Dividend Amount

Kindly key in your Folio No. if you are holding shares in Physical mode. However in case your holding is in demat mode, then kindly provide your DPID and Client ID along with your name to view your unclaimed dividend details.
Folio No/ DPID Client ID  
 (Name as appearing on the share certificate / Depository record)
Note : Use Following format to key in Folio/DPID ClientID:
1) Holding in Physical :xxxxxxx Enter your numeric folio number as mentioned on the
share certificate.
eg: In case your Folio No is 12345 then please enter 0012345.
2) Holding in Demat (NSDL) : INxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Enter your 16 digit DPID Client ID
including “IN” without any spaces.
eg: In case your DPID is IN312346 AND Client ID is 12345678 then please enter
3) Holding in Demat (CDSL) : xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Enter your 16 digit numeric ID without any spaces.